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Dear Supporter,

JSeven Incorporated and Random Acts of Love was created to provide random acts of tangible love to people in need in the Orlando area. Love is what we need now more than ever.

All donations will go towards helping families who have fallen on hard times during this pandemic and beyond. Our Random Acts of Love will help pay mortgage and or rent, help pay off medical bills, or even pay for a graduating senior’s cap and gown or other educational related expenses. Our Random Acts of Love will reach those who need it most. As our supporter you will be part of paying it forward in an amazing way.

To date, JSeven Inc. has provided over $5,000 in clothing and school supplies to families and students in need. We believe our efforts would go even further with your support.

We are writing this letter to invite you to be part of our Random Acts of Love. As a member of the community, your donation to the Random Acts of Love is an opportunity for you to be a part of something that will make a lasting impact; something that will make a difference in the lives of children and families in the areas of housing, healthcare, and education.

With Random Acts of Love, we hope to be a light in a dark place. After all, our mission is to be the voice of love in the world. To us JSEVEN is an acronym; Jesus Saving Every Vessel Eternity is Near. Through our Random Acts of Love, we hope to spread the love of Jesus Christ by helping those in need.

For more information about JSeven Inc., please contact: Jasmine Morgan-Graham, jasmine@jseven.org

On behalf of JSEVEN, Incorporated and our founder, Jasmine Morgan-Graham, we thank you in advance for your support.


Jasmine Morgan-Graham M.Ed.
Nonprofit President
JSeven Inc.

Need A Random Act Of Love?

I understand that additional information and verification may be required in order to qualify for assistance.  I also understand that even if I complete the verification process, I am NOT guaranteed to receive the assistance requested.  All information submitted – which may include home address, financial information, and any other information of a private or sensitive nature are considered confidential.  Your confidential information will be evaluated by the JSeven staff in an attempt to provide assistance.  Your confidential information will not be distributed, read or discussed by anyone other than the JSeven staff.  

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JSeven, Inc.. is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization.  The purpose of the Foundation is to help heal the world and make it a better place, a place where people are inspired and driven to love without conditions, politics, race or religion.  One way we strive to do this is by promoting random acts of love; where individuals help others in need…. anonymously; which to us is the purest form of giving.

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